Are food issues and body shame blocking your way to happiness?

Way MORE than freedom from food and weight struggle, Jane’s approach to healing emotional eating will inspire you to live fully, and in whole alignment with your heart and soul!

Jane suffered with a 20-year eating disorder that started when she was 11 years old.  When she came out of denial at 28 years old, with a strong commitment and vision to eat like a normal eater, within 3 short years she was completely free.  Since then she has helped thousands of women become free, too.  Her books and online programs have inspired others to heal at a time when no one else believed it was possible.

Unlike most programs that teach women how to fix their food problems Jane developed a comprehensive program that teaches individuals how to get their lives back. Because of the depth of healing and transformation that she has undergone, Jane’s approach to healing emotional eating is spiritual, transformative and uniquely creative. It takes us deep into a reconnection with our Soul–from wounding, defensive living, and superficial dieting down deep into the recesses of what it means to live a life of true nourishment.

For more information about her program, Nourishing the Hungry Soul, or to schedule a 30-minute no-obligation consultation, contact her here.

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